Mix it up, experiment, search for new beauty, search for new meaning, search for possible gardens.

Transculturation- a word from Cuban anthropologist Fernando Ortiz to describe merging and converging cultures. It isn’t copying. It isn’t appropriating Transculturation is the creation of new cultural phenomena from the blending of cultures. 

I am neither trying to create a Japanese garden, nor do I want to (until the unlikely move to Kyoto). I am not sure if I want what some choose to call “A Japanese style garden”,  I do feel more comfortable with the term a garden with some Japanese style elements – although that still doesn’t quite convey what I am trying to do with my garden.

I am making a new garden high up in  South Pennine Yorkshire. Previously I have applied my love and understanding of Japanese garden art and history to a garden in Wales.. I don’t have the climate, scenery or architecture of Kyoto. I had the climate, geology and scenery of coastal Wales. I now have the climate, geology, scenery and vernacular of the South Pennines. The garden is less than 1Km from the boundary of the Peak District National Park and is 333m in altitude. 

This is the developing story of my exploration, research and activity in building a garden at my home – a newly converted barn.