There is a vision. There is a narrative.  The vision is of a journey. You climb a mountain to meet the hermit, who reads poetry, deep in the hills. There needs to be  a path, a  way to the top.

The garden is steep. The top is 6metres above the bottom- and it isn’t a long garden. The steps that are there go half way – each step is 17cm – too much for a wheelbarrow or an old hermit. Time for some artwork in the form of “groundworks” – the reshaping of the earth.   With the massive assistance of Peter Suggden and his fine collection of  earth movers there is the start of a way to the stop.  I can begin to make the story.

The original garden in winte
from the top
A new place to start.
a new approach
To zig and zag
and up to the top

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